Steamed pork PORKETA cut into slices (100g)

0.1 kg

The product is ready to use

Pork breast, salt, garlic, spice mixture (potato starch, bamboo fibers, spices (pepper, garlic), beetroot, stabilizers E450, E451, glucose syrup, antioxidant E300, flavorings (smoke, meat), yeast extract, spice extracts (juniper ,chili, black pepper, cardamom), acidity regulator E330), preservative Na nitrite

Nutritional value of 100 g of product:
2230kJ/533kcal; fat 54g, including saturated fatty acids 21g; carbohydrates 0.1g, including sugars 0g; protein 10g; salt 2.1 g

Storage temperature: +2..+6 ˚C

Method of processing: boiled, sliced