Venison stew (1000g)



  1. the contents of the package are placed in a pot or pan
  2. Heat to high, stirring regularly
  3. boiling is not recommended
  4. Watch out - it's hot!!!
  5. Bon appetite!

The product is ready to use

The product is ready to use. Ingredients: drinking water, venison 21%, onions, carrots, cabbage, tomato sauce (tomato puree (58%), water, sugar, modified potato starch, food salt, acidity regulator (acetic acid), spices, tomato flavoring), pumpkins, paprika, garlic, paprika, CELERY root, garlic, tomato paste, salt, Worcestershire sauce (drinking water, vinegar, plum jam (plums, apples, pectin), dye E150d, aroma, chili extract, garlic extract), thyme, rosemary. Nutritional value of 100 g of product: energy value 389kJ/92kcal; fat 1.2g, including saturated fatty acids 0.5, carbohydrates 8.5g, including sugars 4.5g; protein 11g; salt 0.94g

 You can safely freeze this product before the expiry date, but no later than 2 days before the expiry date. Use within 24 hours after thawing the product.