Potato pancakes 500g

0.5 kg
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The composition:

Ingredients: potatoes, salt.

Nutritional value of 100g product: 1125kJ/268Kcal, fat 15g. including saturated fatty acids 2.5g, carbohydrates 28g including sugars 1.8g; protein 6g, salt 0.8g.


In the pan:

Pour a little olive oil or other high-quality oil into the pan, heat on low heat until the pancakes are browned.

In the oven:

Place the pancakes in a pan lined with baking paper, heat at 200C for 10 minutes.

Served with sour cream or cream cheese and greens.

You can safely freeze this product before the expiry date, but no later than 2 days before the expiry date. After thawing the product in the refrigerator - use within 24 hours.