Smoked Kabanos 400g

0.5 kg
Ingredients: pork, drinking water, salt, spice mixture (spices, spice extracts, stabilizers E450, E451, dextrose, herbs (contains lactose, milk proteins), antioxidants E316, E315), stabilizer diphosphate, spice and herb mixture, sheep intestines, preservative Na nitrite; Nutritional value of 100 g of product: energy value 1206kJ/291kcal; fat 25g, including saturated fatty acids 7.9g; carbohydrates 0.6g, including sugars 0.3g; protein 16 g; salt 1.7 g. The product is ready to use.

Storage temperature: +2 ..+6 ˚C

Method of processing: Hot smoked

Country of origin: Latvia

The natural casing of the sausage is edible.