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Latvian pigs
Grown on an environmentally friendly farm -
Rihards Eniks Piebalgas Kūpinātava

Owner of Piebalga Kupinatava

Rihards Enik created the Piebalga Smokehouse when he started operations in 2013 without any knowledge of smoking meat and sausages, but with a lot of energy and one small smokehouse. Operating as a home production company for several years, it slowly grew, at the same time also operating in the restaurant business in Vecpiebalga. Now "Piebalgas Kūpinatava" is a recognized company that produces around 150 different products - smoked meat and sausages, cooking, ready meals, fresh meat and products and even culinary products, which are sold in its online store and in other stores in Vidzeme and Riga. Also, the branch of meat processing is being significantly developed, where a service is offered to hunters and livestock farmers for processing meat into delicious products.

Kam pievērst uzmanību pērkot cūkgaļu

What to pay attention to when buying pork

Not all pork is raised, fed, or processed equally, and finding the best quality meat can be a difficult task.

Here are my top tips to consider when buying pork.

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Kupātu pagatavošana

Preparation of Kupati (fresh sausages )

I created this classic Kupati recipe in 2014, when Piebalga Kūpinatava was still in its infancy, but it turned out to be so good that even today it has remained exactly the same as the first day.
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